Eduard Inozemtsev

I am a Senior Lecturer (Assistant Professor) at the Department of Finance, Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Melbourne.

My research interests include Corporate Bond Market, Distress Investing, Financial Intermediation, and Asset Management.

I hold a B.S. and M.S. degree from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT), an M.A. degree from New Economic School (NES), and a Ph.D. in Finance from The Ohio State University (2023). 



11/01/2023: The most recent version of "Evolution of Debt Financing toward Less-Regulated Financial Intermediaries in the United States" (with Isil Erel) is available online (SSRN   Paper).

10/12/2023: I will present my paper "Bond Ownership Concentration" at the following conferences: 

03/27/2023: I will join the Department of Finance at the University of Melbourne as a Senior Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in September 2023. 

12/16/2022: I will attend the AFA 2023 Annual Meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana, on January 6-8, 2023

11/04/2022: I am invited to attend the Financial Research Association (FRA) conference in Las Vegas on December 10-11, 2022. 

10/12/2022: I will attend the 2022 FMA Annual Meeting in Atlanta on October 19-22, 2022. 

09/25/2022: The most recent version of "Strategic Behavior Surrounding Sales of Mutual-Fund Management Companies" (Zoran Ivković and Andrei Simonov) is available online (SSRN   Paper).

09/12/2022: "Evolution of Debt Financing Toward Less Regulated Financial Intermediaries" paper (with Isil Erel) received Revise & Resubmit decision from the Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis (SSRN   Paper).